Here you ´ll find the tips four your Hamburg trip

Preparing Tips for your Citytrip / Your Event (The page of the city of Hamburg where you can find out interesting tips and see directly if there are also nice events to be held during your travel appointment) (The page of the tourism centre)
Useful during your stay (The page of the Hamburg Transport Association)
In Hamburg you will probably be hungry, so here are our restaurant tips:  (Here you can find freshly brewed beer and delicious homemade pizza and lots of fresh salads) they have really good Burgers Of course, it is a good idea to eat fish here in Hamburg, there is not only eel here. There's everything around the potato here, as a dessert even potato pie! Persian dishes are served here.
Special Locations Very good, slightly more price-intensive fish bar at the Elbe There's delicious Israeli food here. There are great even-adventure restaurants here
In Hamburg you can also use the harbour ferries on lines 72, 73 and 62 with the valid bus and train tickets of the HVV, the route with the line 62 is particularly beautiful, this also stops in Neumühlen/Övelgönne and in Finkenwerder. (You've always wanted to know what it's like to be blind or deaf? Then go to the dialogue house and discover the world with other senses!)