Frequently asked questions about our tours in Hamburg

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1. What are public tours?

Public tours take place every day at a certain time. Please register by phone or email. Together with other guests, you will go on a voyage of discovery with us and explore our beautiful city. From a group size of up to 16 people, the group is divided and a second tour guide is added.

2. What is the duration of one tour?

A guided tour of the city takes about 2 hours.  Depending on how good the group is on foot, it may take longer, because we take account of each of our guests.

3. How spontaneously can I sign up for a guided tour?

Please call us spontaneously on + 49 (0) 40 646 304 33 or by calling + 49 (0)176 62 16 76 04, then we can tell you if there are still places available.

4. Do the tours take place in all weather conditions?

Yes, we in Hamburg are storm-tested. However, if the weather is a danger for us, then we will cancel the tour for your safety (but really only if storm surge is announced, just rain does not stop us from showing you our beautiful city)

5. Can I book a guided tour for myself privately?

Of course, you can also book your private guide. Talk to us about the private prices, which are based on your wishes.

Are there still questions unanswered?

Please write to us via the contact form or call + 49 (0) 40 646 304 33 or call + 49 ( 0) 176 62 16 76 04
We look forward to seeing you!